The advantages of a solid glass backsplash far outweigh any other backsplash materials on the market. Glass backsplashes have become an alternative to tile and other building products. They are beautiful, no maintenance, antimicrobial, seamless in appearance, durable and add value to your home. The list continues but the one advantage that stands out most of all are the health benefits to you and your family.

IMAGIO Glass Design™

For example, grout lines collect grease, dirt and bacteria that are difficult to remove, and do require a professional service to come to your home to strip and reseal the grout. By a show of hands let’s see how many of us do this on the prescribed basis!


After all shouldn’t we strive to create a space for living that offers an exceptional lifestyle? One that offers visually and emotionally stimulating environments! The kitchen has become the focal point and gathering place of every household and if you strive for quality of life you need to look at the benefits of glass.


It’s an investment in your home as well as an investment in your life and family. When you weigh out the options for a finer automobile, furniture or clothing, you want these finer things because they make you feel better, right? That same good feeling comes from glass. It’s stimulating and it’s natural. Why do we prefer a glass instead of a plastic cup, or a glass bottle instead of a can?


These same questions prompted us to ask …. Why do we prefer glass? What is it that attracts us to glass? After in-depth research IMAGIO found that glass sets the mood and it makes us feel better.


IMAGIO Glass Design™

Retro Stripes - Artist:  Dianne Annelli

IMAGIO also researched and found that art and creativity stimulates our pleasure zone as well. Many hospitals use art as an aid to faster healing. We recognized this as a perfect partner to glass and brought the two together to create IMAGIO Glass Design. We are an alternative to other art substrates and building products. The big difference is, IMAGIO Glass has a dual purpose. One, it’s used as a finishing product for your walls, backsplash and art.   Two, it improves your quality of living.


Backprinted and backpainted backsplashes are also a great way to add color, design or pattern to your kitchen. Whether you choose a solid color, brand new graphic design or a natural stone tile design, our printed glass will brighten the entire home. The design options are endless! If you can’t find a backsplash design in our vast collection we can custom design something just for you. Our customers have used art, photography or one of our beautiful catalog designs. There is not another surface that is easier to clean than glass, and the installation takes a third of the time of tile, and is typically completed in one visit.

IMAGIO Glass Design™

Jacksonville Skyline - Photographer:  Will Dickey

You can create a living space that offers an exceptional lifestyle with high quality photography, and art on glass that is visually and emotionally stimulating with IMAGIO Glass Design.

Other uses for glass:

Shower walls

Fireplace Surrounds

Floor to Ceiling wall murals

Stair risers

Cabinet doors

Counter tops

…and the list is only limited by your imagination

IMAGIO Glass Design™ IMAGIO Glass Design™  IMAGIO Glass Design™ IMAGIO Glass Design™

**Cover image backsplash "Blue Rain" - Artist:  Rocco Pisto

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