Designer Backsplash

the Perfect Backsplash!

Glass is naturally antimicrobial, easy to clean, requires no annual maintenance
and it's heat and impact resistant.

It's not just glass. It's a healthy alternative to tile and grout.

Grout-Free Backsplash

Solid Glass Splashbacks

Customize your kitchen with a solid glass Splashback™ and let your own personality
and style be the highlight of your kitchen.

If you can imagine it. We can make it.

It's not just glass. It's art.

Custom Glass Murals and Panels

Solid Glass
Murals and Panels

Imagine your favorite moments imaged on glass reflecting light back into your room
adding stunning depth and detail.

Imagery on glass is a new way to add art elements to your home and preserve them forever.

It's not just glass. It reflects moments.

Commercial Glass Signage

Glass Design

You've worked hard to create a strong corporate brand. Your logo imaged on glass will make
your image stand out and encourage brand recognition.

Don't limit glass to your logo. Interior signage imaged on glass will add class and sophistication throughout your company.

It's not just glass. It reflects and enhances your image.

Photo credit: University of Michigan Bentley Historical Library

Be Inspired
Explore How Glass
Can Enrich Your Space

We believe that your living space should reflect your personality and style.

IMAGIO Glass Design has created a proprietary process to image designs onto glass to
create a space that is as unique as you. 

Our design team offers solutions to meet the needs of interior design projects, from the professional
creating a signature style, to the homeowner creating a focal point in a favorite room.

IMAGIO Glass Design has beautiful products and great service excellence. Thank you Mr. Mike Trego and Joel Trego for overseeing and executing the production and installation of my kitchen backsplash. A special thank you to Denise Pearl for your patience, expertise and kindness in helping me choose the best design. Now my little plain kitchen looks very high end! I wish I could give you all a rate of 10 and I'll be showing my Imagio glass to all my friends and family. Margaret A.